With offices located in São Paulo (Brazil), Shenzhen (China) and Hong Kong (China), JTI offers triangulation capabilities to provide what is best in terms of technology, process optimization and commercial coverage. In order to fulfill the needs of a demanding consumer market, JTI relies on a fast-paced, agile service to meet their clients’ needs and transform their brands in successful cases.


Located in the city of São Paulo, the largest financial and commercial center in Brazil, the office helps Brazilian companies that wish to expand their businesses and become more competitive, while also supporting global clients that want to become part of the Brazilian market.
JTI’s São Paulo office concentrates the Commercial, Marketing, Sales Management, Operations and Financial departments.


Located in Shenzhen, the largest industrial center in China, the office ensures proximity with the main manufacturers for high technology products, in one of the most important export centers worldwide.
JTI’s Shenzhen office concentrates the Sourcing, Engineering, Quality Control and Logistics departments.

Hong Kong

Located in Hong Kong, one of the major international financial centers in the world, the office ensures competitiveness to its clients by being located in a trade free zone.
JTI’s Hong Kong office concentrates the Foreign Trade and Accounting departments.