In order to successfully implement your clients’ products in the Brazilian retail market, JTI offers an extensive services platform. The company has a modular structure devised to complement or fulfill skills.

The JTI platform includes strategic consulting, marketing, sales and sales management services. In practice, each client selects the services that best fulfill their needs.

One of the main advantages of the JTI services platform is to optimize resources, making expert teams available to clients at a much lower cost in comparison to what they would have if they were to hire professionals with the same level of expertise. Time to market also plays a big role, since it is an important factor in an environment such as the Brazilian market, where the launching process for new products is growing ever faster.

As an expert in business development, JTI is ready to place a brand or product in the market in record time.

In order to ensure satisfaction and relevant results to its clients, JTI offers a full solution for managing and monitoring the whole commercial process.