About us

JTI is a company created to promote business development in the Brazilian and Chinese markets with safety, efficiency and credibility. Through the promotion of strategic partnerships, JTI works both with Chinese companies interested in becoming part of the Brazilian retail sector and Brazilian companies that want to be competitive through business partnerships with Chinese suppliers.

Founded ten years ago, JTI aims at helping its partners significantly expand their companies, by providing supplemental skills in the fields of product development, supply, quality control, marketing, sales and commercial management. Therefore, JTI’s clients can focus on their core business, while the whole production and/or commercial process flow efficiently.

Based on an approach that reduces exposure risks for its partners and with a highly qualified professional team, JTI prioritizes excellence when providing services to companies from industries related to consumer electronics, telecommunications and computers.

In order to accomplish that, JTI couples convenience, time reduction and resource optimization through a customized service platform used for implementing new businesses, new segments and other distribution channels.


Fields of expertise

JTI BRASIL is a sales and commercial management company which coordinates services and provides full support to implement new businesses in the Brazilian market.
With expertise in markets related to consumer electronics, telecommunications and computers, JTI BRASIL’s goal is to bring closer manufacturers that assist the biggest networks from the Brazilian retail sector.

JTI CHINA is an expert in providing Supply Chain solutions to the Brazilian market. Through its work with Chinese suppliers, the company creates strategic projects according to their clients’ business needs.
Focused on electronics, JTI CHINA has the necessary expertise to also provide solutions to a wide range of sectors.


JTI wants to be acknowledged in the business development market as the best strategic partner, creating high value to shareholders, promoting the professional success of our partners and prioritizing both excellence when providing services and the ability to be innovative, always taking into account responsibility and sustainability.


JTI’s mission is to create a strong bond with our clients and their businesses in order to provide services in a competent and swift way, promoting conditions that facilitate their entrance and permanence in the market, in addition to increasing their strategic competitiveness through efficient, effective and customized solutions that improve the flow of each step of the production or commercial process.


Efficiency and integrity, entrepreneurship and safety, quality and reliability, these are all part of JTI’s values. Such values are the foundation for a very successful history in the business development sector.